Find Taxes Confusing? Are you unfamiliar with Canada's banking system? Want to know how to make the best investment choices?

The Level 1 program gives you the fundamental skills to be confident in managing your finances.


Our Level 2 program takes participants to the next level focusing on: the concept of money and establishing your financial goals, determining your net worth, evaluating company stocks and private offerings, real estate investing, how to avoid fraud or scam, and internet and network marketing.

This program is an in-person event. In response to the current global pandemic situation, we will be following social distancing regulations.


Cost: $25.

To encourage attendance, students who attend at least 80% of classes will be refunded $25.


Financial Literacy - Level 1

Tuesdays, 7-9pm

September 22 - Banking

September 29 - Budgeting

October 6 - Income Taxes

October 13 - Credit

October 20- Insurance

October 27 - Investments

November 3 - Government Sponsored Programs

November 10 - Fraud/Graduation


Financial Literary - Level 2

Thursdays, 7-9pm

September 17 - The Concept of Money & Identifying Core Values

September 24 - Measuring Net Worth

October 1 - Evaluating Stocks

October 8 - Evaluating Private Offerings (Part 1)

October 15 - Evaluating Private Offerings (Part 2)

October 22 - Real Estate (Part 1)

October 28 (Wednesday) - Real Estate (Part 2)

October 29 - Multiple Streams of Income

November 5 - Cryptocurrencies

November 12 - Summary/Graduation

We also host an annual Financial Literacy Conference

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