Interpretation Services

Community Interpreters Assisting Individuals and Businesses through Cross-Cultural Communication

The Multicultural Association (MCA) offers certified interpretation services to the Wood Buffalo region. We can provide consecutive interpretation face-to-face or over-the-phone to meet your needs.

MCA also trains local residents to become certified interpreters so that you don't have to bring interpreters from out of town. This minimizes travel expenses and helps your company save money, meanwhile supporting the local labour-force. 

24-Hour Availability*

There are many situations in which language barriers can create miscommunication. Our interpreters ensure clear communication between all parties. Our language specialists provide spoken communication facilitation between languages around the clock -- every day, all year.

*All bookings must be requested during office hours.

Cultural Interpretation

Sometimes, the cultural issues surrounding communication styles can impede mutual understanding. This can lead to a serious breakdown in the interpretation process. To prevent or resolve this sort of miscommunication, our interpreters not only provide linguistically accurate interpretation. When needed or requested, our interpreters can also explain the cultural nuances that underlie communications. They are cultural brokers!

*Subject to interpreter availability

Certified Interpreters

When you work with a certified interpreter, you can be assured of the following:

  • Accuracy: Your interpreter will not add or omit information or offer opinions or advice

  • Clarity: your interpreter will express messages clearly and concisely in both languages

  • Confidentiality: Your interpreter will not discuss the persons or content of the interpretation outside of the meeting

  • Impartiality: Your interpreter will remain impartial and objective at all times

  • Professionalism: Your interpreter will conduct him/herself in a respectful, courteous and professional manner

  • Cultural Interpretation: Your interpreter will, where requested or necessary, clarify misunderstandings pertaining to cultural issues.


We do our best to provide the highest quality interpretation services in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo with competitive and affordable rates. 

Technical Interpretation

Services are available for every industry.Your employees can benefit from interpretation in:

  • Safety Training

  • Trades exams

  • Foreigner expertise for special projects

Community Health Centres

Our interpreters have access to medical terminology training. We will soon be offering specialized services for the medical field. In the meantime, we can offer certified Community Interpreters for your medical interpretation needs. 

Local Governent agencies, Legal Aid and Law Offices.

Many of our Community Interpreters have experience in legal interpretation. Hiring a professional interpreter is essential for legal communications with limited English Speakers. 

Schools, Non-Profits, and Other Organizations

Many non-profit organizations and education centers interact with limited English speakers every day. Our interpreters can help you mitigate the language barriers!

Book an Interpreter

Urgent: To book an interpreter for an immediate or urgent need, contact us:
(780) 791-8960

9AM - 5PM, Monday - Thursday

9AM - 4PM, Fridays

Closed Weekends and Holidays

During off-hours, contact us by email at

Note: If you require non-certified interpretation and/or translation services as an individual, and are eligible for settlement services, we invite you to also contact the YMCA of Northern Alberta (Wood Buffalo Region) or Centre d'acceuil et d'etablissement of Northern Alberta.