Our Multicultural Cookery classes are offered once a month during the academic calendar year (a Saturday in Sept-June; with the exception of February), and are led by different volunteer chefs each month who are passionate about sharing international home cooking. We have a different culture set for each month. Participants watch the volunteers demo 3-4 cultural dishes and then cook them at their own stations. All participants then eat the food family-dinner style and take any leftovers home. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to cook new meals and also to learn about cultures different from your own.


Each class is announced a few weeks in advance through our Facebook Page, or alternatively, could be emailed out through our Newsletter (just make sure you check the “Programs” box!)


Our classes often fill up quickly. We also have a Membership Scheme that grants you Early-Bird Discounted tickets to each Cookery program.

Past Cuisines have Included:

  • Chinese

  • Filipino

  • Indian

  • Italian

  • Jamaican

  • Japanese

  • Mediterranean

  • Métis

  • Nigerian

  • Persian

  • Syrian

  • Ukranian

  • Venezuelan

and many more...

Things to Know:

  • Ingredients & equipment are included in the price

  • Bring containers to take leftovers home with you!