Terms & Conditions

  • Application to this program does not guarantee enrollment and does not guarantee the enrollment in preferred day and time.

  • Students will spend 30-40 minutes once a week online participating in the ELLA program.

  • This is online program, hence there might be technical difficulties which may result into cancellation/modification of class schedule or program

  • In the event of emergency or tutor’s calling in sick, Class/Classes can be cancelled/modified

  • Students will attend ELLA sessions, as agreed upon between the school and tutor. Missing 2 or more sessions may result in removal from the program

  • Students are to be actively engaged in the work and activities provided by the tutor. If the student is not participating, he or she will not be benefiting fully from the program, and is taking up a space that may otherwise be filled by someone who can benefit more from the program

  • Disruptive students may be removed from the program.

  • Programs Manager and tutors may freely exchange information between the school and teachers, including contact information, and academic performance assessments

  • The MCA Program Manager may contact you about upcoming events, programs, news updates, and volunteer opportunities.


For any additional questions, please contact the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo’s Programs Manager -  Anurag Mathur at programs@mcawb.org or 780-791-8975