The Welcome Centre is a one-stop-shop for newcomers in Wood Buffalo to be connected with organisations that cater to their needs. Located on the 2nd floor of the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, the Centre helps by:

  • Listening to newcomer client's needs, and matching them with appropriate services in the community.

  • Setting up appointments on behalf of newcomers with services that they wish to take part in.

  • Eliminating frustrations experienced by newcomers, when they find that they are being moved from one organisation to another in order to find which service is best catered to their given circumstances

Staff at the centre are equipped to help in the following areas:

All appointments are free of charge. An appointment will begin with a simple in-take process, where a member of staff will ask you a set of questions to better understand your circumstances. If our staff are able to match you with resources in the community, this can be done immediately. If not, our staff keep your information on file, research potential solutions to your needs, and get back to you with additional information once they have been found.

If your needs cannot be met by a service that is currently available in the Wood Buffalo region, this becomes registered as a "gap in service", and will be shared with the Steering Committee of the Newcomer Interagency Network.

The Welcome Centre is made possible by contributions from 7 organizing entities, including:

  • YMCA Wood Buffalo

  • Wood Buffalo Regional Library

  • Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo

  • Keyano College LINC Program

  • Le Centre d'Acceuil et d'Etablissement

  • Alberta Health Services

  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (ad-hoc)